4 Expected Litters 

August 2022-

November 2022

Priest X Khaleesi breeding September 2022

Litter 1-

White Siberian Husky


Khaleesi x Priest

Plush coated stunning Pure White Siberian Huskies. Blue eyes, striking black outline to the eyes. Super soft and snow white coats. Excellent temperaments, very loving and loyal. If anything like Mom & Dad, they will be your extremely smart side kick, and best friend.

**Fun Fact**

White Siberian Huskies being sold with bright colors and pink noses are not ideal toward the White Husky standards. Up north when the UV rays bounced off the ice, it was important they're dark or black noses protected them. Pink noses on White Siberian Huskies come from bad breeding and genetics.

To start  your own research Google "White husky nose color".

We only breed and sell the best in quality, temperament, coat, and coloration!

Waiting List Open!

white male.jpg

Litter 2
Boujie x FNF Dark Moon's Cider

A highly anticipated pairing we're proud of!

Either you've been eyeing Agouti colored Huskies for a long time and waited to get your own. Or this is your very first time hearing of the color. Either way, an Agouti colored husky is the "WILD" and fantastic look of a wild animal. The color in itself is acting as a natural camouflage. It can take 10 generations to produce this stunning coat color. Also with it being the long history to the coat color, they've been bred most docile with most docile. Which is WHY our female and male are the most wonderful temperaments and docile found in the breed. I expound personally on the females personality "Boujie" on her page.


Boujie: 46lbs                   FNF Dark Moon's Cider: 

        Brown Eyes                      53 lbs

        Agouti color coat               Bi colored eyes

        Wooly coat type                 Wooly coat type

        Talker- YES                     Couch potato- YES
        Personality- Docile/Loving      Personality- Loving

        Obedience trained               Obedience trained

        OFA cleared                     OFA Cleared

        Embarked                        Embarked

        Ack registered                  Ack Registered 2 y/o

       2 y/o                   (Champion sired & pedigree)


Litter  3
Max x Bella

SERVICE DOG litter (plz contact for additional info)

Contact for additional info, as well as if interested in joining the list. The waiting list is over half full, we will be needing to speak. That way we can have a consultation about your disability, what we're training your puppy for, and what tasks we will be shaping. Breeding will be in AUG/SEP 2022

Litter 3

Max & Bella

Litter 3 is going to be a SERVICE DOG litter, meaning the breeding, parents, and pups are all happening only for service work. We are experienced trainers and are taking special time to provide to special individuals a puppy we have prepped for a special field and specific tasks. But the experience and training doesn't end with us, we will be having a personal trainer on hand with your puppy who is federally licensed and training over 40 years. She was taught for police, military, tactical, bite work, and every form of service work to a rainbow of breeds.  No matter what the task is we can begin the shaping behaviors and tasks YOU need. 


 This litter will be sired by champion White Swiss Shepherd lines, Max has been in service work since a puppy and has the temperament every handler dreams of. Berger Blanc (WSS) are a separate breed to GSD and hold different traits, personalities, and characteristics. They are docile, lack the ferocity and drive of working GSD, and tend to be the most easy on training and stable temperaments. Highly recommend doing research on this breed if not already aware of them and done so.

Mother to this litter is an extremely special and hand picked service dog of 3 years with STELLAR training and temperament, Gorgeous and stunning Silver husky and White German Shepherd mix. From a puppy up, her drive to please has been insurmountable and training even more so. Yes in the next 10 years we may possibly be working federally on a new breed that excels in service work for heavy Psych work and mobility- BUT for now we will keep everyone posted on the progress. Our priority waitlist AGAIN is half full, please contact me to be on this waitlist, we will have to either hear your disability or the tasks you need preformed so we can work with you from day 1 on your SDIT as you become a new handler.

*this is a MIXED breed and future breed in development for every form of service work to the future*

*end goal of characteristics and looks will be 90lbs adult weight, white/silver/cream color, plush coat length, 23-26 inches tall, and Blue/ Hazel eyes*

Screenshot_20220705-112323_Gallery (1).jpg

Waiting list open now
Over half priority spots are full, contact for availability and to join this litter. Contact us  to learn about advance training options on additional weeks of board and train.


Bella: 65lbs
 50% White GSD 50% Silver Siberian Husky
Service work: 3 years

Service Dog Tasks: Light mobility, counterbalance, forward momentum, heavy psych work, anxiety and PTSD alerts, DPT,  blocking, off leash, retrieval, standing assistance, & more.
Coat Color: Silver
Coat length: Standard & Soft
Eye color: Bi, one glass colored
OFA Hips, elbows, heart, & eyes cleared

Max: 110lbs
Purebred Berger Blanc (WWS)

Service Dog Tasks: Heavy mobility, counterbalance, forward momentum, guide, light psych work, anxiety alerts, DPT,  blocking, off leash, retrieval, standing assistance, & more.
Coat Color: White
Coat length: Plush
Eye color: Dark Brown
OFA Hips, elbows, heart, & eyes cleared

Screenshot_20220705-112326_Gallery (1).jpg

Litter 4
Breeding this July! Diamond x Teddy

Another masterpiece from Teddy & Diamond

Diamond has had over a year of fun and relaxation with the family since her last litter! Time to say hello to masterpiece #2 of her & Teddy's Offspring! With an entire litter developing into the most stunning breath-taking ghostly bright blue eyes. Not to mention they're gorgeous facial markings, thick soft plush coats, and endearing personalities! We had a batch that ranged from goofy, loyal, lazy, playful, cuddly, affectionate, and best friends. We are expecting a couple possible gorgeous Red & White huskies like last litter. The rest traditional northern black and white colors. For this batch or any of my 3 coming up I have waiting lists, and her spots are FULL! Except "standby positions are open" meaning in case of a larger litter than expected you may still be able to jump on board.

diamond pic.JPG