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Priest X Khaleesi breeding April 2023

Litter 1- UPCOMING

White Siberian Husky


Khaleesi x Priest

Plush coated stunning Pure White Siberian Huskies. Blue eyes, striking black outline to the eyes. Super soft and snow white coats. Excellent temperaments, very loving and loyal. If anything like Mom & Dad, they will be your extremely smart side kick, and best friend.

**Fun Fact**

White Siberian Huskies being sold with bright colors and pink noses are not ideal toward the White Husky standards. Up north when the UV rays bounced off the ice, it was important they're dark or black noses protected them. Pink noses on White Siberian Huskies come from bad breeding and genetics.

To start  your own research Google "White husky nose color".

We only breed and sell the best in quality, temperament, coat, and coloration!

Waiting List Open!


Boujie x Mushu

A highly anticipated pairing we're proud of!

Breeding February 2023

Either you've been eyeing Agouti colored Huskies for a long time and waited to get your own. Or this is your very first time hearing of the color. Either way, an Agouti colored husky is the "WILD" and fantastic look of a wild animal. The color in itself is acting as a natural camouflage. It can take 10 generations to produce this stunning coat color. Also with it being the long history to the coat color, they've been bred most docile with most docile. Which is WHY our female and male are the most wonderful temperaments and docile found in the breed. I expound personally on the females personality "Boujie" on her page.


Boujie: 46lbs                                   Mushu: 

        Brown Eyes                              61 lbs

        Agouti color coat                       Blue eyes

        Wooly coat type                        Standard coat type

        Talker- YES                                Couch potato- YES
        Personality- Docile/Loving            Personality- Loving

        Obedience trained                     Obedience trained

        OFA cleared                             OFA Cleared

        Embarked                                 Embarked

        Ack registered                           Ack Registered 2 y/o

       2 y/o                                (Champion sired & pedigree)


Litter 3
 Diamond x Teddy

Breeding end of Feb. 2023

Diamond has had over a year of fun and relaxation with the family since her last litter! Time to say hello to masterpiece #3 of her & Teddy's Offspring! With an entire litter developing into the most stunning breath-taking ghostly bright blue eyes. Not to mention they're gorgeous facial markings, thick soft plush coats, and endearing personalities! We had a batch that ranged from goofy, loyal, lazy, playful, cuddly, affectionate, and best friends. We are expecting a couple possible gorgeous Red & White huskies like last litter. The rest traditional northern black and white colors. For this batch or any of my 3 coming up I have waiting lists, and her spots are FULL! Except "standby positions are open" meaning in case of a larger litter than expected you may still be able to jump on board.

diamond pic.JPG

Waiting list open now
Over half priority spots are full, contact for availability and to join this litter. Contact us  to learn about advance training options on additional weeks of board and train.



Expected End of January 2023

Go to our GOOD DOG profile to apply to this litter NOW! (spots are taken normally as soon as they open)

Litter 1 of Expecting litters- Traditional Red & Whites, Black & Whites all Blue Eyes.

Joker & Pheonix

This stunning litter is going to be one of the coveted and HIGHLY desired Traditional litters! Both mom & dad with one of the best temperaments and personalities found in the breed. Phoenix the stunning Red & White girl has been with us from puppy up, as they all have been. She was so easy to train, I often asked her if she was a Husky. 

Joker, the sire, is our stunning, Black and White traditional boy. So sweet, fantastic with kids and everyone he ever meets. This pairing is one that will be stars all on their own. You can apply anytime on our GOOD DOG profile.

Ruska & Achillies

Expecting March 6th 2023

Apply to this litter HERE

Gorgeous Wolf Grey Achilles Wooly coated stunning boy & Traditional Ukraine lined Rushka. Rushka is the "happy go lucky" super sweet girl that can steal anyones heart immediatly. She tends to be gentle, dociile, and loving with everyone. Now offically named my "Couch Potato".

Achillies is the wooly coated stunning Wolf Grey boy that everyone stops to admire... He is breathtaking, but more than that, he is one of the most affectionate huskies I've personally ever owned. He is 10000% a MOMMAS boy, my little cuddle bug. I'm expecting their litter to be a stellar litter full of the most gorgeous and affectionate huskies ever.


Boujie x Mushu

Boujie and Mushu's past puppies

Purebred Siberian Husky- Agouti Coat


Black & White, Red & White

Past puppies from our litters, Diamond x Teddy. 

Both Diamond x Teddy, and all litters with traditional parents may have these exact puppies. We go for a very specific, traditional, classic look of Siberian Husky. The finest, and most authentic coats, colors, and masking.

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