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Training Huskies

These are very light general basics to training. 

Like any dog breed it's all about YOU! It's time to step up and make your dog the BEST it can be!



Show Dominance & Reassure.

Many people may not know this but when you take your dog to be professionally trained; like the 3 month programs where they board and train your dog. What are they doing? Most places will be honest and inform you that they have many methods to make your dog obedient and ready to learn. First they typically take in only young dogs from months old to 1 year old. Second they will affirm dominance to your dog. Your dog will learn: THEY let it in and out of the cage, THEY provide food and water at the right time, THEY are in control of the leash, THEY lead, THEY call, and THEY provide. Whether it be play time or training time, showing control to your dog from a puppy up will teach it that you are superior, and its alpha. At the same time you show love and reassurance anytime you get the correct response and behavior. Huskies are a very intelligent breed and typically take quickly to training. If you sit back and let this dog take over your life- it will. Be the alpha and earn its respect as its leader.

(Note) when a dog looks to you before doing something, you have established the first step of being its alpha: its looking to YOU for approval.




  Once your Husky learns you are alpha and its provider, then be consistent! If you don't let them on the couch Friday, don't make it OK on Saturday. Speaking of which, make it a privilege. With our dogs who have trained we teach couch and bed as an invited privilege only. Don't let them get away with behavior or disobedience because if it was okay than they will do it again. We have a signal to our dogs to come up and make it clear if we did not signal them up... THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED. Such as when we have guests over, they are not allowed up. We do not have to struggle with our dogs because we have trained them this way.


   If your dog enjoys jumping, stop that from the minute they come home. Lift your knee up when they jump and keep doing it, it doesn't feel good and they'll stop. Also lean down to pet them and reward them for asking for attention on the ground, not jumping in your face; trust me your friends will appreciate this!



Potty training

This ends up being the most easy subject. Time when they should need to go to the bathroom by they're age. Our huskies at 8 weeks old have to potty about every 6 hours. By that limit goes up as they get older. If you are crate training, remember crating your dog all the time is not good as it is. But say at night you are using the crate or when you go out. Make sure the crate it big enough for them to lay down but not big enough where there's a lot of room to move. Our huskies especially and potty trained and do not enjoy sitting in their own filth. This encourages them to hold it until they are let out for bathroom time. Crates too large encourage them to get away will using the bathroom in one corner of the crate. After you develop a schedule, potty training is typically seamless with our babies.


Life-Long Results


The results from your training will last its entire life. We are the source of the long term behavior of our dogs. Our job as your breeder is to start their lives correctly. However its YOUR job to complete it. We begin socialization, basic puppy obedience, crate & potty training, and also cat socialization. This starts your baby are the correct path and health. But its your job to keep these training tips to make sure your pup develops to its maximum potential. These dogs are proven to be loving, loyal, and high trainable when given the chance. 

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