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Buying With Us

 Purchasing a puppy is a huge decision and each choice during


the process is super important. We make those choices for you


with our experience! Everything is in a bundle, here is what 

we provide:

  • Teach you to train

  • Online personal puppy photo album of YOUR puppy from birth & up.

  • Detailed breed information

  • How to build your own routine to ensure best results

  • 24/7 Virtual assistance through the first 6 months. Life long relationship and advice.

  • Private invite to our Private online FB group you get to share updates and see updates from your puppy's whole litter. Including future batches from Mom & Dad. Ticket into our pack!

  • Playdates we schedule every few months you can bring your puppy back for a family reunion with their other siblings AND MOM!

  • Vaccines and shots delivered at 8 weeks old

  • Appropriate de-wormers delivered at 3 weeks and every 2 weeks after.

  • Full FLORIDA Health Certificate

  • Family History

  • Raised on premium fresh diets

  • Kept with Mother until 8 weeks old. Never less.


Now its time to go ahead and contact us to lock in your future family member. 

Please visit our 'About' Page to learn more!

Buying Your Puppy Made Easy

We understand the diversity of situations for those buying a puppy. That's why we wish to accommodate everyone.


As you may have experienced, unethical breeding results in  puppies coming home with worms and fleas, no vaccines,  genetic health issues and much more. Normally taken from their Mother too young and set up for behavioral issues. The breeders may have inbred the parents. Ever wonder why they may not show you the Mom and Dad to your puppy?  Many who sell have the parents in horrid conditions without proper nutrients. These are results of puppy-mills and kennel breeders.


This is why we see to it that we are a completely open book. We take pride in our work here and welcome all to see. 


Making the purchase for your Puppy

 Whether its easiest for you to use cash, credit, or debit, we accept all payment methods. That's including Paypal and Cashapp. We do not offer financing, however we will accept payment in advance if that is what you choose. 

Waitlist & Deposits

Most of the time our waitlist on a litter fills MONTHS in advance of even their breeding date. I will post in almost a year advance what our upcoming litters will be. No matter when your shopping for a puppy the best way to know if you can join us on a litter is just contact me! 

  We leave our first 4 spots open for Priority spots, that means you have a guaranteed first pick of the litter in the order you came in. It's $300 for any litter for this "Priority" spot. Again only 4 slots are allowed per/ litter in case of small litters being born. But as you may know we can also have around 7 puppies per litter. To be on the 'standby' waitlist we leave an extra 4 spots however that is with you understanding in the case less are born, you may have to be moved to another litter. To join any of the 4 spots on 'standby' it is $100, and just like any deposit its non-refundable and does not come off the puppy price. However if we have the typical litter size, you in a 'standby' spot still means you get a puppy from that litter! If for any reason whether you have a Priority spot $300 or a standby spot $100 it is non-refundable but is CREDIT with us and can be transfer to any other litter be given the room. We got your back no matter what.

Our Prices 

We always keep our prices with the worth of our work, value of our Breed, and money we sink into our standards for them. Our purebred black and white Siberian huskies are $2,800, Our red and white range from $2,800-$3,000, our White Purebred Siberian Huskies OR Silvers are $3,000. Agouti  Siberian Huskies, $4,000, Solid Black $4,000, Pomsky (adult weight 15-25lbs) $5,000-$6,000


How to Buy

You may purchase in person by our card reader, or cash. However we also accept online payments through PayPal or Cashapp. 

Either way you're purchase will come with not only your Puppy.


  1. You get unlimited virtual support for the first 6 months.

  2. I am on call to assist where I can to questions or concerns.

  3. Also you receive a life long invitation to our Pack! Our online Facebook group is where you can stay up to date on your Puppy's sibling. You may post as much as you want and connect with others raising their new furry friends. It is limited to our pack only. Mom and Dad will be checking in with updates from us as well!

  4. Every puppy will come to you free of fleas, dewormed at 3 weeks old and every two weeks after until going home.

  5. Staying with Mom up to 8 weeks old and never less.

  6. Receive vaccines at 8 weeks old

  7. Along with their complete health certificate.



Tel: (352)-942-9614

We accept phone calls, texts, & emails!

Thanks for submitting!
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