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Dorky, Loving. RUNT. & first Pomsky Mom.



No one ever, has met Clover since a puppy till now, who didn't wanna just steal her away for loves! Clover loves everyone she meets, she is happy times 1000. Small package, all the personality, all the cuddles.

Clover has always loved walks, time out, and getting everyone's attention at Starbucks. We've been stopped everywhere we go for the entire staff to gets their pets in. I promise ANYONE who wants to come meet this STUNNING golden beauty will be more than thrilled to have came!


Isabella Wooly Husky

If you are not sure what the Isabella color is in huskies, we welcome you to research. Gorgeous white and dilute red with no black point. Clover is blessed----- BLESSED with a rare Golden eye color and the Isabella coat. 

She is ACK registered, and will have all her OFA testing & DNA done before her first litter this winter 2023. The sire to the litter we are choosing to do will be a HEALTH tested (OFA heart, hips, knees, elbows, & Eys, DNA genetic testing and cleared), 8lb Pomeranian sire! 

What do we except?

Little foxes? Yes, normally the stunning husky mask & eyes win out in the DNA war that makes the most stunning Pomsky puppies. 

Clover is a SMALL less than 30lb girl and her stud 8lb through professional AI insemination. Yes we are expecting phenomenal F1 generation 15-20lb puppies when they are adult size!

Get ALL the husky and HAPPINESS of miss Clover into a small lovable and portable package. We are JUST opening the waitlist now, just contact us to join.

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