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"Hello, my name is Skye, my husband is Anthony. We are a hard working and devoted couple to our fur babies. Please read all our 'about us' tabs and pages to join our beautiful world!

"We want nothing more than to share with others what we do. Our devotion to the breed is a never ending love, we only wish to share with those who share our passion."


What We Do

Bet you've been waiting for what I've hyped you up for. Now unlike your typical "Back Yard Breeder", "Kennel Breeder", or even worse "Puppy Mill". We breed in a way the world is WELCOME to see.

 For starts, our girls, (don't feel like calling them bitches), are the most spoiled creatures on earth. They are treated as part of the family, just as any fur child would be in any loving home.


 See, most Breeders, breed their female every 6 months and this stresses out the poor Pregnant females body, prices may be cheaper like $800; but read along our page to see the consequences. These others as well have programs they call "ethical", and they most proudly state "We are ethically breeding" however that means they pass by bare minimum standards of not being legally abusive. So, YES, that means they may just as well be kennel breeders, and containing their dogs all year round even during pregnancy's and birth. This treatment may pass by, but it puts an enormous toll on their female, puppies, and lifelong health. That leaving out the fact they are extremely mistreated and it is morally wrong. Having ACK, Pedigrees, and "paperwork" on their "ethically bred" dogs dose NOT mean you are buying from a loving or experienced breeder. Bad breeding ALSO MEANS lack of nutrition during pregnancy and poor diet transition when the puppy turns to solid foods. These "breeders" buy the cheapest way to feed all dogs, including the pregnant dog and puppies. Helps them afford it but CHEAPS out on quality, overall health, and the future of every life involved.


Bad breeding produces:

·        Young and unnecessary cancer

·         Hip dysplasia

·        Degenerative eye diseases

·        Prone to Separation Anxiety

·        Life expectancy lowered by 5 years average

·        A sicky pet/ more Vet care

·        Life long resentment towards the breeder... (very true!)


   This is WHY we OFA clear and health test every one in our pack! OFA certification for Heart, Hips, Eyes, Knees & Elbows. Also Embark test every single one for DNA testing for disease panel, genetics, and much more.

What we do different starts from the beginning. Our dogs are all on high quality diets, regularly fed cooked Chicken Dinners, Eggs, Steak, and Fish! Not to mention the supplements. All year round, organic omega 3 oils, salmon oil, crushed greens, pumpkin, and essential vitamins to maximize the breeds potential. 

 For instance when one of our girls are pregnant we boost their regular supplements to their now needed Prenatal supplements to ensure the max amount of nutrition for the puppies AND momma!

  Treat the pregnant dog right!!! We make sure our pregnant baby stays by our side, indoors, on beds, lots of naps, and obviously queen treatment. Our females are allowed fresh air, small amount of playtime with us, sunlight, and other dog playtime up until the last 30 days before birth. At this point we separate her from the other dogs due to any possible accidents. Responsible breeders should always see the potential problems and avoid.

 We give our puppies the MOST EXPERINCE before leaving our home! 

Puppies experience: 

·        Socialization with our dogs, other dogs, cats, small animals, other people & kids.

        & Desensitizing; to every important aspect in life to gain healthy confidence.

·        Meet many new people to avoid future aggression issues.

·        Raised on Fresh foods and high calorie diet only (increases life expectancy 3-5 years extra)

·        Obedience trained according to age by 3 trainers.

·        Taught manners and skills by our loving pack of dogs at home.

  We only do quality here. Puppies and adults are raised indoors and outdoors to have the best full experience raising and rearing. 


​   AGAIN Unlike MOST breeders, we are different. We have nothing to hide from anyone. Wanna early play date? Would you like to meet Mom and Dad in person? Wanna know what temperament to expect from puppies due to the parents? We have everything right here. When you buy with us, you buy into the family. 

 Anyone who buys with us MUST go through a virtual, or in person consultation to see which puppy will be your best fit. Whether its for just you or you and your family. Especially new owners to this breed. Our puppies must be matched with the right home. Go ahead and contact us, we don't bite (;

What Do We Provide?

​OFA health testing and certification on EVERY one in our pack. Eyes, Heart, Hips, Elbows, & Knees. Also Embark DNA testing for disease panel, genetic testing, and color panel. On special litters we provide Full ACK rights with appropriate consultation in advance to ensure only LOVING HOMES. We rarely deal with selling to breeders... ever.

   You most likely have already read so much, you see how we work. But I must summarize what WE provide and what WE do. Lets summmmmmarize!

·        We provide all Prenatal care on our Pregnant females.

·        Love, for all indoor and outdoor training on all dogs.

·        Studs are kept at premium fresh diets for best impregnating health results.

·        Pregnant females have 2 ultrasounds after impregnating and Reproduction vet visits to ensure healthy babies.

·        Our breeding process is 100% natural and video recorded to ensure no issues. They breed on her 10th day of cycle when she is in "Standing Heat". This is her most fertile time and breeding is seamlessly smooth for both dogs.

·        No dogs are ever in Kennel life, and have a wonderful balanced environment.

·        All dogs have wide socialization, no food aggression, basic obedience and more.

·        Always 1 of 3 dog trainers minimum are on site for constant interaction, cuddle time, training time, and socialization time.

·        Pregnant females, and nursing females are provided the ultimate fresh diets and formulas to maximize health.

·        Puppies get all assistance when needed during the birthing process and are kept with Momma until its they're natural time to venture around.

·        Puppies start learning crate training at 4 weeks old because of our consistent routine. 

·        As soon as 6-8 weeks old puppies start learning house training because of the routine.

·        Anyone ready to buy, will go through our consultation and we will teach our basic training and the puppies current routine.

·        Our Puppies are raised with cats and kittens so they'll go home viewing them as little relatives. This can help minimize prey drive.

·        Every puppies is vet checked and comes with a complete Vet Health Certificate from a local Reproduction specialty Vet.

·        After you go home with you new puppy, you will also be sent home with our personal Pamphlet and instructions to master your first 6 months of raising your puppy.

·        After 6 months you'll always be able to post in our private Facebook group where you can watch your puppies litter mates progress as well. You will also see all future litters and keep and eye on how Mom and Dad are doing.


Buy your Puppy the right way with the right breeder. It'll make a world of difference.​

My Story

   My entire life I've been fascinated by the science of dogs. I spent years in rescue work; hours daily researching new breeds, learning new training techniques, and honestly; created passion. This passion festered and I continued to feed it with more experience and learning. After years, I began to practice professional dog training only to see the issue with these misbehaved dogs are how the owners allow it! Joy and pride came in my heart each time a dogs behavior would turn around.


   Then the time came to narrow in on a life-long pal of my own. As I knew in the rescue work, the animal cruelty from breeders disgusted me and I wanted to make contact with ones in it for the breed. To my disappointment it seemed almost impossible to find a breeder who cares for the dogs. But after time and patience I found what I was looking for in an amazing breeder of German Shepherds. However that's not what we wanted.


  After the years of experience and training I wanted to see if I could master a "crazy" but exotic breed... the Siberian Husky! Within time we found what we were looking for and found that huskies are not no psycho demon dogs, with proper owner consistency and training they're the most amazing companions ever! Finally my passion, training, and experience merged! This is how we were born, to breed, breed FOR THE BREED. Not just to pop out babies but to see these purebreds kept pure, and handled with the most delicate care. Welcome to Teddy Bear Breeders, please read all our 'about us' tabs to learn in detail the feats committed for our huskies.


Interested in one of our babies? Contact me directly.

We can't wait to hear from you!


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