Everything you want to know, meet our most docile husky ever.


Boujie is by far the most docile husky you'll ever meet! We normally never say docile and "she's a talker" in the same sentence, but yup! THATS HOW SPECIAL this girl is. She has the cutest crawl over to say Hello and is always up for the snuggles. Couch potato best describes her, as her favorite pastime is watching TV. Boujie is not food motivated, more so love motivated. Her life thrives on personal bonding time with us, however she still enjoys frolicking around with the pack. Wonderful temperament with no mean bone in her body, she is the ideal husky personality if you go for calm.



Either you've been searching endlessly for an Agouti coated Husky and found us, or you never heard of it, therefore stumbling upon it. An Agouti coat coloration is supposed to give off that "Wild" and "Wolfy" look. It's satisfying to see those majestic wild colors just have a completely domestic and loving husky. Agouti coloration can also be referred to as "Wolf Sable" as the name implies the visual effect. Agouti babies may very well be born grey and that colors develop beautifully as they age their first year. The bottom band of color is darker, they tend to have "dirty" colored or dark faces with dark eyes. However they can have blue eyes and is the most breathtaking sight. Agouti huskies have fur characterized by bands of color, within each hair itself; it is a sort of camouflage only found in wild animals such as deer, rabbits, and rodents. Also very common in wolf pups and adults. This is what makes them a favorite in many households who dream of a wild look in a loving loyal domestic dog. It takes long and solid lineage to produce a good like of Agouti which is another reason why they are not cheap. Call it designer, sought after or desired, but it is a favorite and select choice.


Her upcoming litters

Her first upcoming litter is coming up soon, breeding around this fall 2022. We have JUST opened the waitlist, our waitlists typically fill very fast. Our other waitlist for this year are all almost full. To learn more or get on her waitlist send me a personal call, text, email, or application through Good Dog!

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Here we share health and pedigree information from our the stunning sire FNF Dark Moon's Cider.