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Are you simply wanting to know if any puppies are available from us NOW? Or wanting to send in an application for a litter? Just click here and go directly to our Good Dog profile! Takes minutes to apply and look through our entire program. 


ONE male available 
Born Jan. 30th 2023- Ready to go home week of March 27th

3 Females 2 Males,

Stunning traditionals, full masks, Red & Whites, one Wolf Sable boy.

This stunning litter is going to be one of the coveted and HIGHLY desired Traditional litters! Both mom & dad with one of the best temperaments and personalities found in the breed. Phoenix the stunning Red & White girl has been with us from puppy up, as they all have been. She was so easy to train, I often asked her if she was a Husky

Joker, the sire, is our stunning, Black and White traditional boy. So sweet, fantastic with kids and everyone he ever meets. This pairing is one that will be stars all on their own. You can apply anytime on Good Dog to one of these stellar babies. 

This litter will be smart as a whip, already from their first moment of birth showing such insane strength and determination. Can already see the most hilarious personalities and a couple are the biggest at the little "Piggy Squeals

If your looking for a ride or die companion, that would be these babies. Growing up to be like their parents with the most fantastic temperaments, standing by us, at our heels, DYING for every moment of fetch, and jump along to go wherever we are. Mom & Dad love going on trips, vacay, beaches, and all types of adventures. They are also the most comfy fluffy lumps when we're having a chill indoor and Netflix type of week. 

Their expected adult weights are 40-50lbs for the girls, and 45-55lbs for the boys, Mom is 48lbs, Dad is 55lbs. Mom has a SOFT and standard coat stunning Red & White color, Dad has the SOFT standard CLASSIC traditional Black & White color with stunning highlights.

Playdates are OPEN, many visit daily our location, these puppies are all raised with kids, toddlers, & cats. Our place and pack is an open book, just shoot me a text or call to come meet (352)-942-9614

Apply to any from this gorgeous litter now on our Good Dog profile!

Price: $2,500

Located in: Spring Hill FL

Delivery: Yes we can arrange delivery personally by or .

Call or text anytime:



This boy (MALE) is a gorgeous FULL MASKED wolf grey/ sable coat. So sweet already likes to nuzzle at my shoulder and cherish the cuddles. He is 2nd born, the sweetest personality you'll find. Politely asks me every day for some quality bonding time. He falls asleep by my leg or arm. Goes CRAZY for belly rubs and loves his people.


Joker x Joy

Born March 2nd
4 girls & 1 boy available 

This very special litter of Joy x Joker is a continued and special pairing HIGH requested to continue the line of Bella. Bella is Joy's mother and had her last litter a year ago, she is now fixed and only two of her offspring are to continue the lineage. 

 Bella is a locally famous White GSD/ Silver Siberian husky 50% 50%. Known for amazing modern feats in training, temperament, and her offspring being phenomenal in their own way. 

Therefore here we are having 2nd generation of Bella's. On their own, Joy & Joker are absolute phenomenal temperaments and stunning on every level. Joy is 75% Siberian Husky, 25% GSD, Joker is a purebred Siberian Husky. For good measure the low GSD content in the litter is 12.5% only balances out the husky personality and makes even better companions and life buddies.

Features & Size

Joy is traditional black and white with stunning blue striking eyes. With a plush coat and the sweetest personality you'll ever find- hence her name. She is 45lbs and full of love. Joker, their dad, is traditional show standard purebred husky with again those striking bright blue eyes and loving personality. He is 55lbs. Expecting this litter to turn out modern day legends in their physique, form, beauty, AND personality. Star addition to any family. 


Playdates are OPEN, many visit daily our location, these puppies are all raised with kids, toddlers, & cats. Our place and pack is an open book, just shoot me a text or call to come meet (352)-942-9614

Apply to any from this gorgeous litter now on our Good Dog profile!

Price: $2,000

Located in: Spring Hill FL

Delivery: Yes we can arrange delivery personally by or .

Call or text anytime:



Harley (FEMALE), our 1st born and WHAT a looker. Full intense gorgeous mask with her stunning Black & White. She makes the sweetest little *Coos* 💓 to me and fell asleep in my hands during photoshoot😅💗 A doll in every possible way, show stopper, and sweet!


Clio (FEMALE) , again, in every way I was impressed with this litter- Quinn came out strong as a bull. She's fell asleep at my hand many times and is a deep bonder. The most stunning little girl and a model already, Clio


Selina is striking, our 3rd girl, and our 4th born. Her black part of her coat is JETY black, heavy mask, and darling personality. Cannot wait to see her grow!

Marvin (MALE) is such a gorgeous boy already a stellar image of a show stopping husky. From mask to colors, he looks personally designed to be a model. Super sweet and makes the CUTEST little "Coos". 3rd born, absolutely stunning and so promising, little Marvin. 


Ivy (female) is the only here with a FULL mask AND a stunning sable color. She is going to be a little model. So sweet and talkative, I love this girl.


Bruce (male) is the only boy here. Surrounded by his 4 sisters! Poor boy is gonna need a loving home to deal with the girls always bothering him, hehe. Already sleeps next to me and loves snuggles.


Bella x Teddy

Born 11/24/2021


We've been extremely busy providing you the quality puppies we have. So very soon we will be sharing updates from this gorgeous litter all in their forever homes.

However if you'd like to see if we happen to have puppies available now go ahead and check out our profile on

Text or Call 

7 PUPPIES; 4 Males 3 Females (352)-942-9614

Right now I'm accepting select visits and sending pictures on individual Puppies. Accepting deposits! 

***Not every puppy is posted yet, call to check!***

I help you GROW with your puppy! So I am here to show you every step of your puppies life. If your shopping for the right dog for yourself or your family, I will help you get there. We specialize in dog training and can honestly give you what personality you are looking for, if you ask us!



Meet Marco, our little precious boy. He is already so affectionate and inquisitive. I always update as they develop. 

3-4 week update. He is still the runt! Very sweet, enjoys cuddles and gives us kisses

like a pro.

6 week update;

Amazing development of personality! Since he is the male runt, he also got to figure out how to be a tough little guy. With his gorgeous blue eyes it looks like his left eye is starting to get some stunning marbling like his mama! He loves attention and cuddle time but isn't too needy. He figures out how to play and entertain himself.  However it's more fun to him when hes sharing that moment with you. Looking for his forever family.




Here's our little Jazmine! Gorgeous black and white girl. Her back is a solid jet black and she's got the adorable full masked face. Definitely an adventurous and sweet girl.

3-4 week update;

Extremely inquisitive, very smart, takes learning one step at a time almost naturally shy. Started bonding with us and snuggling.

6 week update;

Although super cuddly she can also self occupy!

Very quiet out of the batch, would rather not make a fuss over anything. But that didn't mean she won't play! Loves tug of war with her siblings tails. Would make anyone and excellent well-rounded companion.

*With stunning blue eyes, and a jet black coat with white face and chest, she'll be a gorgeous show stopper everywhere she goes*







Our biggest boy! So far the calmest and most gentle. Beautiful Black and white with the silver undercoat.

3-4 week update;

still the biggest here! Super calm, great, demeanor, sweet. Enjoys snuggle time with us. 

*Super gorgeous Bi colored eyes! A silver undercoat and white face and chest*

6 Week update

MOST affectionate but needy little guy ever! Wants to do nothing but snuggle, cuddle, more snuggle, more cuddle. Will be the best overgrown lap dog ever.




What a sexy little boy we got here! The FLUFFIEST of any litter I ever had!

*BI Colored eyes! Gorgeous Tri color fur like mama and stunning soft FLUFF*

6 week update;

Café has the laid back and chill soul. He is very happy tootin around exploring but not in an excited or anxious manner. He would be excellent for public training, because he is confident in new environments but not energetic about it.


 As being one of my more quiet puppies, I know he is a heart stealer. He is super cuddly and loves snuggles A LOT. But also prefers naps and chill time more than "GO" time. He is the perfect ideal personality for any family or personal companion. Again has an excellent pre-disposition to future service training. Super smart and very relaxed for a puppy. And by far the FLUFFIEST!



jeta 2.jpg


Meet Jeta! Our precious and affectionate little girl. She is nothing but a playful love bug. Comes when she is called, and wiggles like crazy when snuggled. Whoever is looking for a gorgeous black and white BI COLOR eyed girl; she's your pup! Yes her eyes are turning marbled/ BI so gorgeous have to see her in person.


  She has an amazing silver undercoat and the most spunky and cute personality. She will be an excellent companion and best friend.

Update 6 weeks,

developing a beautiful personality and the most gorgeous eyes. Her ears are still in the process of turning erect. Every time its relax time, she is right there for sleep and snuggles. She would do great as a best friend and companion.




Onyx is our cute TINY silver/ black/ white girl with stunning BLUE eyes. Born a feisty one, didn't like getting deworming dosage at 3 weeks old like everyone has to have. Nope her little spunky self fought me at 3 weeks old!! 

(Responsible breeders give their pups liquid de-wormers at 3 week and every 2 weeks up until they go home)

6 week old update

Now we know much more about each other. This little girl is my smallest but not without the spice of life! She has an very enthralling personality, first to explore every new place she's been, but also the most submissive for love. Her little ears slick back so fast as she wiggles away wanting love. She has fell asleep in my arms many time while cuddling. She's ready for a home with adventure, exploring, and snuggles to bed.



Here's our other boy 
Polo'. Absolutely handsome with coloration like his Mom. He is our curious little guy, didn't open up to exploring till recently (6-7 weeks old). Polo still prefers to be at the back of the pack and watch his siblings make the mistakes first! LOL. However he is curious and such an affectionate little boy, not really little though, second biggest boy. He's extremely smart, but rather use his intelligence by not over-reacting- LIKE his MOM. He'll be the best friend anyone has had. Amazing boy.
*Tri color coat (like Mom) with
bright blue stunning eyes! Full face
mask markings, with the racoon
marks! Gorgeous boy.


Projected weight of Puppies

Each of Bella's puppies were born with birth weights largest 20.5 oz. This means our projected size is- smallest medium, (our runt Marco). The rest will be large. That's a lot of love in one dog!


Meet Mom & Dad

Our specialty along with our quality is our OPENNESS. We breed is a way the world is welcome to see. Nothing but love and TLC in every life.

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