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Thee Joker

Every pet has a story for the name (:


Why Thee Joker?

He gave himself that name, a picture to the reason will be posted on the bottom of this page.

About Joker,

He is one of the reasons everyone in the first place will 'want' a husky. Stunning, Black and white Traditional coat with those piercing blue eyes. A look, that makes you want to jump to Alaska and watch Snow Dogs while roasting marshmallows by a fire pit. That's what he is, he is the spitting image of what we are about. Being apart of our family, pack, and program, he offers fantastic genetics, personality, and a future to excellent lineage.

What to expect

We highly encourage anyone joining a waitlist for a specific litter to come on buy and meet the parents! Joker is no exception, as a stud and dad to many upcoming litters. We are an open family & pack with many daily visitors! This way all in the pack are extremely socialized even on days when we are all staying in. Joker is fantastic with kids, and everyone new he meets. He is a sweetheart inside and out with not a mean bone in his body.

If you ever heard rumors about male huskies being the ones that are "happy go lucky" then you were informed correctly. I wouldn't ever call them 'guard dogs' but I would call them one of the friendliest and lovable family dogs ever. Most of that also starts when their little. SO out of a litter maybe there are only 2 out of the 6 that would be perfect for you. That's why if my input is wanted, I will absolutely suggest the best match for YOU and YOUR household. Which is why the success rate skyrockets with us to perfect matches!


Let us know if you'd like to come on by and meet this loving and super social boy.

Stud Service

We have more info about our Stud Services on "Teddy's" page, however Thee Jokers stud fee is flat $1,800 with ACK rights and registration.

Joker 1.jpg

Back to his name

This is the picture of the reason this hilarious numbskull got his name, just look at that face and tell me you don't see the JOKER... 

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