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Please meet our


Only way to describe her

diamond pic.JPG

The classic Siberian Husky

Diamond is as beautiful and traditional as they come. Stunning bright blue eyes, traditional colors, black and white, Plush soft to touch coat, and a wonderful endearing demeanor. No one has yet come to meet this precious girl and not fallen in love. Her personality and devouring, only want to make her your best friend.

Her personality

She knows when I'm sad, she's as empathetic as a girly could come. When it's a day for me to sit and recharge, she's right there. We spend days TV binging and other days being goof offs. Diamond fits in it's entirety her name, she's our love.


 I feel more than ever it's a perfect time to express, her and our others aren't just huskies. We don't just pick at random by looks and breed them. Planning with our heart and soul goes into each addition to our pack. Diamond is higher in rank of authority in the pack when we're gone and has become as awesome teammate. She is hand selected as all our girls are.


 Looking for that stunning beauty that stands out in a crowd, but also the gentle, sweet, loving, and cuddly side most of us need when picking from a breed such as this. Diamond is the perfect example of who we are and what we provide. She has also had one litter previously, black and whites, and red and whites. All from her previous litter were such a success to this day in their original homes, growing up into immaculate examples of what modern breeding should look like for this breed.


Waiting list open
Traditional litter spots go fast!

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