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The Stunning pure White Siberian Husky

We welcome you to meet the stunning beautiful White Siberian Husky, Khaleesi. She is everyone someone would dream for in a classic personality husky. As a puppy she was a good deal to train, and right at 7 months old- POW. CUDDLY and clingy! It's the best development of closeness and loyalty I've ever seen. Her station is at the foot of our bed and she rather spend her day close to us and assisting with our tasks than do anything else. She is an awesome side-kick and best friend.


White Siberian Huskies

White Siberian Huskies are known by far to be the most rare coat to produce. It's important that at least mom and dad of both pairing male and female are white to produce an entire white litter. Meaning, there is no other color in their panel that they are able to produce. 


With striking blue eyes, thick complimenting eye liner, and their angle coat, it's always a pleasure to the eyes.



Khaleesi is a standard coat, however she is pairing with a wooly purebred White Siberian husky, named Priest. With the amount of time it takes to find a proper sire, we are traveling far up north for this pairing. No other offered sires fit our high standards of what we promise to deliver. 

Priest the sire to this litter is a stunning wooly coat, Purebred White Siberian husky, same striking blue eyes and eyeliner. This is how we aim to produce PLUSH coated huskies which is our specialty.



Khaleesi AND Priest are stellar temperaments in this breed. Khaleesi is laid back and easy going, we spend to time or trouble with her. She is fully obedience trained, excellent recall, and much quality time spend together. Also as her being empathetic, she is naturally very caring and there for any bad days. 

Her upcoming pairing is expected to be in August 2022 according to her natural heat cycle. Our waiting list as most, are almost full. Contact me if interested in this litter!

white male.jpg

Only producing extreme white coat, black nose & feet; the ideal traits.

khal3eesi embark.png
khaleesi embark.png

Here we are sharing the pedigree and health of our sire to this fantastic white litter. Priest, all the way in the Carolinas. We always take from ourselves to produce the finest litter, even when that means traveling.

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