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Relaxed, Loving, Gentle, & Sweet.



Finally you have the chance to meet one of the sweetest girls around. Prairie isn't JUST stunning, breathtaking, and soft as can be. She is also a bundle full of joy and sweetest, no one can help but to fall in love when they meet her.

Prairie has obedience & public training, but most of all naturally the biggest hugs you could dream up. Picture the stormy gloomy days, Prairie is right there, for snuggles. We are so proud of her and what she can become. Contact us to come and get your free snuggles with miss Prairie. 


Solid Wooly White

It's considered by google the "rarest husky color" however in todays time it is not, actually Agouti is the most rare, you can read about that on our pages. 

As for solid whites, YES they must be one of the most breadmaking to meet in person. Quiet literally a ball full of fluff, she looks like she was taken right out of the artic for every single pic. It is a stunning color, and the wooliness she has is all the more so to cuddle. 

Solid wooly whites are an ALL time fan favorite, and I promise you if you end up with one of her babies- you won't be able to go anywhere and not be flooded by fans. She has an upcoming litter, breeding will be with Priest (WHITE SOLID WOOLY IN NC) this Oct 2023, and they will be ready around Christmas/Winter. Priest is the insanley gorgeous and docile male with the best lineage and traits. Both parents will be fully OFA tested & cleared, embark tested & cleared!



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