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As the name may suggest Teddy is all about how we were founded. We breed specialty "Plush" huskies. Teddy is not the every day husky; he has an outstanding Black and White coat with silver undercoat. The warmest brown eyes that strike instant love. Brown eyes in huskies are desirable and in show competitions have high bearings. As rare as it may be he ALSO has the full facial markings desired in a husky. Striking resemblance of a Teddy Bear, Majestic Husky, and Intimidatingly wolf; everything is harbored within this one boy.

For those looking to have Teddy as a stud keep in mind he also has a rare gene to produce Liver in his children! So if your looking to produce RED and WHITE babies, its there.

Want to know what's in his Genes? Always look toward his babies. See our Gallery.


  Anyone buying a husky from a breeder must understand and know the temperament of the parents. Teddy is an open book. He is affectionate, loving, adores children, believes he is a lap dog, yet will heel on that leash at the dog park! Teddy is a perfect father to our litters considering his astounding looks and wonderful personality. 

Want to stud with Teddy? Call or text for consultation and know we charge a $500 stud fee for confirmed pregnancy or pick of the litter. 


How Our Stud Service Works 

Teddy has been "studded out" Many times. We consult you and learn about your breeding if experienced or first time. We have a very calm environment for your female to be brought over. 

With our experience, we have a safe, secure, and comfortable environment and set up for studding. You can either come by once its her 9th-10th day of heat, for 3 days in a row. Or, again always under contract, she stays under our care for 3 days, with recorded clips of any stud sessions. We give lots of playtime, premium fresh foods, and a cozy fun stay.

For the safety and comfort for both male and female,                  females must be brought to us for stud services. Our            boy, Teddy, is not territorial and always has an excellent demeanor to new females. Never overwhelms, he is extremely socialized and has excellent husky manners.

You can see reading about Teddy and his litters, he delivers excellent, health, temperament, personality, quality, coat, and beautiful facial markings. He is the epitome of what a true northern Siberian Husky should look like. His puppies are high quality so is his lineage we will never stud to a mill or BY breeder please be aware in advance.


Breeding for Temperament
Breeding for the Look.

Breeding Done Right.


Our Stud Fee

$1000 Flat or sometimes pick of the litter

Price may increase over time, for now as it has been the past 2 years his stud fee is $1000 flat which is extremely reasonable considering what we offer. Sometimes we consider pick of the litter instead of a stud fee. Teddy is the father is most of our litters and carries amazing temperament down to his puppies as well as coat & coloration. Our biggest concern is hearing from you, you passing a standard of breeding even if its your first litter. We make sure that anyone who works with us is keeping a level of professionalism. Our entire pack is family raised and obedience trained, this is to ensure the best of the breed, again high standards. If interested in feeling us out and using Teddy as your stud, please reach out to us anytime.

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