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Our Girls

Meet our precious ladies!

Unlike most breeders, our girls do not retire only to be thrown away into new homes. No, our girls are always our girls, once they retire they get to live the rest of their lives spoiled, comfy, at home with us! Not to even mention our sanctuary in the making we're building for them, right here at our home. That is of course after spaying them, as it raises chances of cancer by not fixing(spaying) the retired girls. Our #1 priority is to make their life fully lived, healthy and happy. Over the next couple years our facilities will in all reality be a "husky retreat" for all our pack. It's because we have the experience with this breed, they are not a burden to us, they are a consistent joy and deserve everything we give them.

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More of our story

As you've read across our site, on our About page I share a lot of personal history. But one thing I saved for this page, most who know me know that I suffer from complex PTSD which effects my day to day life- it's very difficult. However, there is no other calling for me than my Siberian Huskies. Each girl in my pack are right there for me during every flashback, breakdown, and traumatic episode. These are my family, and as the doctor explains to me "The reason you are never triggered by animals, is because they were the only thing in your life that never hurt you". I'm here to share this amazing, intelligent, majestic, AND hilarious breed with the world. We want to educate, and show others that with correct breeding for temperament, these dogs make solid companions and best friends. Only the best of this breed is brought to you. Bettering the breed is our priority, as well as the correct health testing to provide the healthiest huskies around.

Meet The Girls!

Keeping you posted

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