Meet miss 


Our youngest girl, smart as a whip, in training and doing an ACE JOB.

Red & White 

Phoenix is a shining star and a perfect example of what a red and white husky is. Her colors are vibrant, stunning, and breathtaking. Coat texture is a big deal as well, she completely rocks that and every other expectation we'd have when it's apart of our select pack.


Phoenix has been in advance obedience training and service prep since she came home. We've accomplished so much its jaw dropping. Focus, look, alerts, tricks, retrieval, sit, down, and MORE focus. We except great things from her and her future offspring. Her attention is impeccable and progress is outstanding. 


What we expect

At the point were at. We expect by time one year extreme public progress. Healing of course, eye focus, tasking for mobility and psych work. 45-53lbs, soft vibrant standard/ plush coat, stunning same blue eyes. Behaviorally mastering self control, resist temptations, bark or reaction on command, and very strict obedience and recall. 


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