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Litter 1- Pure White & Silvers


White Siberian Husky


Khaleesi x Max

Plush coated stunning Pure White Siberian Huskies. Blue eyes, striking black outline to the eyes. Super soft and snow white coats. Excellent temperaments, very loving and loyal. If anything like Mom & Dad, they will be your extremely smart side kick, and best friend. Mom has generational extreme whites, Dad is Silver & White fine form and structure show lines. We should get a phenomenal  toss up of pure little polar bears like Mom, and show stoppers like dad.

We only breed and sell the best in quality, temperament, coat, and coloration!

white male.jpg

Breeding for Temperament

As people know by our reputation, one of our biggest goals is to bring to you the best temperaments in the breed. Huskies, sadly, due to bad breeders and owners gained a questionable reputation in obedience But there is no reason for this. Many people are shocked we have such a large pack of huskies and have peace. It's because we hand select them for best temperaments to be found. Then we use what they naturally have and train train train. This pays off for our loved adults AND our puppies we produce! Each puppy gets the most stellar examples from our adults in the pack, and learn from early respect and obedience to us. This is the reason for the satisfaction rate of those who have our pups. 

Breeding for Beauty

Now to address the stunning features of our pack. Let's focus on the pure whites- nothing blends in better with snow. 

ANYWAYS, the way they should look being white is Black point Feet, and Eye liner is the ideal color. This is representation of correct breeding and good lines.

Snow-covered trees
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