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Before even considering buying a puppy with us. Please note this is more than your typical breeder. These dogs are our heart and soul. They live no life other than I would provide myself. This includes our pregnant girls and puppies especially.

You can get on our waiting list NOW! Already filling up. Check out our upcoming litters page, and CONTACT US to save your spot in a litter.

Apply to one of our puppies AVAILABLE NOW on our Good Dog Profile!

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How We Work


PLEASE read our "About" pages. There you can see the quality and time put into every dog here. For ONE; unlike most breeders, every female gets a 2 year breeding break, and are not bred until over 2 years old. EVERY dog in our family is entitled to TLC.

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We make buying your
new best friend easier than ever! We accept Paypal, Credit, Debit, & Cash. Payments made online or in person in at our card readers are all accepted. Afterwards you have a lifetime membership with our pack for support and help when you need. Read our 'About' pages to see what we offer!

Buying your puppy isn't the last you see of us!

Buying with us is a free ticket to our family. Never lose connection with her/his Mom and Dad AND EVEN SIBLINGS. In our private Family only exclusive group we welcome all to stay connected and post updates. 

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What Breeds Do We Have?


Current and future litters will always be our gorgeous Purebred Siberian Huskies. With hand selected long thought out pregnancies, going for top quality health, markings, temperament, and coloring.  

We are both very experienced in these breeds, so we will provide anyone buying with us the upper hand in making your Puppy the best dog it can be! 


Before any puppies go home they will have been trained basic obedience by us and taught basic manners by our well balanced pack. 



We're located in SPRING HILL FLORIDA

We also are branched out in Tampa & Orlando FL, when inquiring about puppies available on our Good Dog we will specify the location their being family raised. 

We are always open to puppy visits and playdates. Especially to help you pick your new best friend.

Call or text to come by!


Spring Hill FL, 34606 US