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The one everyone stops and stares for...


Achilles personality

There is no "cookie cutter" personality with Huskies. Being that, Achilles is extremely unique in the most amazing way. He has to be the most affectionate male I've ever have. Follows me everywhere, and continues to guide me with his mouth on my arm LOL. He is so gentle, fantastic with kids, strangers, and anyone who has had the pleasure to meet him.


 Achilles resides here on our property with us and is available to meet anytime, as many families love to meet the parents of a litter they are interested in. The way we run everything allows each individual or family to have the best experience ever by enjoying the personality and bonding with the parents of our litters. We are so proud of this boy, and welcome all to come meet him and get some snuggles for yourself!

More about Achilles

You may not be sure, what is Achilles. As all in our program he is a handsome boy, hehe. Achilles is a purebred Siberian Husky, with a gorgeous wooly coat. The name of his wolf color in the husky world is "Wolf Grey". He is our HANDSOME Wolf Grey wooly coated boy. The texture of his coat is extremely soft, could literally pet this boy all day. He sheds his undercoat twice a year, shedding lasts about 3 weeks, then we take him to our professionbal husky groomer who finishes the job. After that, he is set, with no shedding for the next 6 months. We really enjoy the upkeep actually of wooly coats verses a breed that sheds all year. It's way less matence actually on our end. 


What to expect from Achilles

Achilles has so much to offer for the future of our program. Starting with his fantastic and irreplaceable personality, along with the most GORGEOUS husky colors. He will be delivering a snuggly personality, the best of genetics, health, and beauty. All in one boy! 

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