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Joy is going to be the proud Mama to our FIRST Pomsky litter! Adult weights of pups weighing anywhere from 20-35lbs. Almost like your own adorable beautifully colored and masked Husky. Expecting Mid 2023. Already one spot on waitlist taken.


Soft coat, minimum shedding, and a Doll of a bestie.

Joy bring exactly what her name is- JOY! She's the "jokester" position in the pack and makes it her goal to make them all happy. More than that, she's my steady chores side kick. Insists that she assists me with anything I'm up to. One of those, being her favorite activity of snuggle time. Joy has a dream of a personality, has been obedience trained, and exactly what we love passing down to future generations.

What is Joy?

Joy is %25 GSD, and 75% Siberian Husky. Being that she is kept back from Bella's litter. Best of temperament for the future of our program. Also was #1 requested to keep for our upcoming pre-planned Pomsky litter. With her docile and sweet natured personality with an equally temperament of a Pomeranian; we expect the BEST Pomskies around- for looks AND personality.

For the fact Joy is Bella's daughter, we are so proud she picked up her Mothers amazing qualities and personality. Only difference is Joy is NOT a leader, she's all lover. Anyone is welcome to schedule and appointment to meet any of our pack. But anyone looking to meet her- please be prepared to melt and spend over an hour cuddling.

Joy is 40lbs, just what we hopped for by mixing with a Pomeranian, she a nice small size. Her Pomsky litter will be a F1, wonderful for breeding, her body carries much smaller babies than that of a purebred Husky litter. Great for delivery, pregnancy, and rearing.

As adorable as this litter will be, it will still be a bigger toll for us to breed and care for. With any litter this small, it's vital we do hourly watching and managing to insure no complications. Yes, it takes a great deal of our entire day and overnight, but providing the best to you is our goal. Health, quality, personality, socialization, and everything you SHOULD expect when buying a puppy with us.

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