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Our most advanced trained, beloved, and local celebrity girl.

Meet Bella! No one has met her without walking away with the warmest feelings and a smile on your face. She is advanced trained for service work. Training from young she preforms over 15 service tasks and has the stellar temperament and personality you'd want to clone into every dog. Which is why here in 2022 she's going to be having her second litter! Waiting list is half full, contact if interested.

50% White German Shepherd 50% Silver Siberian Husky



Bella has by far one of the rarest personalities to capture in one single dog. She has amazing SELF CONTROL, strict obedience, on point recall, but most of all- joy and affection at every turn. Our day to day life is impacted by her every moment. Turning the day to a frown upside down is her goal! 

Bella is the Alpha. Yes, when she is not service tasking for me and we're at home. Every single dog in our 8 dog pack show great respect for her as she holds an Alpha position. That does not mean she is controlling or aggressive, it means she holds their respect and shows responsibility in how she carries herself and analyzing every situation. In the wild, an alpha to a wolf pack is... FRIENDLY with all pack members! However when the alpha makes a decision, no other pack member shows dispute to it. Now in a domestic breed, the situation changes. She is the alpha of them, but she shows respect as we are Alpha to her. Which is why outside of our dog to dog personal obedience training, each dog knows if SHE LISTENS, THEY should listen!

 Yes she holds many unique, and beautiful (inside and out) traits and characteristics. Not to mention, Bella is SMALL animal friendly! No prey drive, she was raised around cats and kittens, as well as many other small animals. She'll even protect small animals from other dogs. We love our caring, smart, obedient, and stellar girl.

Upcoming Litter

Breeding is expected this AUGUST 2022! We are having a special this year, Bella & Max. Service trained parents, for a service prepped litter. Waiting list is almost full. We train individually each puppy per/ future handler requests. According to their personal disabilities and which tasks and behaviors we will be prepping the puppies for. That's not to mention our given training, socialization, and desensitizing. These are performed for each puppy, according to each puppies abilities. Maximizing the results at the age requested to train till. Minimum 8 weeks, max age we offer is 14 or 16 weeks of age. 

Max is a Berger Blanc, (WWS) White Swiss Shepherd, he has also been a service dog for years and preforms many service tasks as Bella does! We TEMPERMENT TEST and match according to delivering best results. Max personally is excellent genetics and traits with his health testing done and cleared, embark, disease panel, OFA clear, hips, heart, elbows eyes, & shoulders.

We LOVE TRAINING and this litter is going to be the treat of the year. We welcome all to come meet our pack especially our amazing Bella.

maxx embark.png

This is the handsome sire Max and his Embark report as well as scan of his pedigree, private information is covered due to protection of theft.

max ack ped_edited_edited.jpg
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